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Online Diagnosis of ADHD, Anxiety & Depression

Get relief from your Adult ADHD, anxiety, and clinical depression symptoms with medication prescribed by trusted experts – in a few simple steps.


1. Application

The first step to getting treatment is filling out an online application to see if you’re a candidate for our services. We’ve made it easy for you to submit any required forms online using our clear, simple instructions.

Once your application is approved, and insurance coverage is verified, we’ll schedule you for a telepsychiatry evaluation in as few as 48 hours. We’ll also send you a blood pressure cuff and guide you through taking your vitals. This information will be necessary for the next step – your initial consultation.

2. Telepsychiatry Assessment and Prescription Dispensing 

During your initial 45-minute consultation, one of our board-certified experts will do a detailed psychiatric assessment. We’ll be looking at vital signs, along with your physical and mental health history. After holistically analyzing your symptoms and life stressors, we’ll recommend a medication for you to consider. If you decide you would like to try the medicine, we’ll send a prescription to your local pharmacy which you can pick up that same day. You can also pick up the medication from our clinic, or have it discreetly mailed to your home.

We do not require extensive testing for you to receive a prescription. 

3. Follow-Up Appointments

Next, we’ll schedule a two-week follow-up appointment to check-in and see how you’re responding to the medication. Additional follow-ups to monitor your progress are required, as are appointments to adjust your dosage if needed. Every follow-up will be with a board-certified expert. Appointments are typically brief which allows you to get right back to your busy day.

Even though all services are performed online, you will always be speaking directly to a courteous staff member, never to an aggravating automated system.  

We understand you’re busy. Our process was designed to be ultra-efficient, and every touchpoint of your clinical care will be dealt with exclusively by a board-certified expert.

The majority of our patients feel much better after a few appointments. By then, the medication has started to take effect, and symptoms begin to decrease in their severity or even disappear altogether.

But, if you’re like many of our patients, you’ll feel better immediately after your first conversation with our understanding and supportive experts. Just knowing help is on the way can make a huge difference. 

We encourage you to keep the lines of communication between us open. As we oversee your care, you’ll have our undivided attention. What you have to say genuinely matters to us and helps us perfect your treatment plan. 

We look forward to developing a mutually-respectful partnership with you. 

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