Why Choose Upper Valley Behavioral Health?


We created Upper Valley Behavioral Health with your needs in mind. During our time working in various mental healthcare settings, we’ve come across both large and small practices taking advantage of those they’re claiming to help.

Whether they offer cookie-cutter treatments, over-diagnose patients, or only prescribe limited medications because they aren’t licensed to dispense the full spectrum of prescription medications – we hold ourselves to a higher standard than many organizations. And this is one of the reasons we’re so passionate about what we do – we believe you deserve the best care available. So, simply put, our mission is to make that care available. 

While we may be a large corporation, we believe in delivering friendly, personalized, professional, compassionate care. 

  • You can expect the same level of concern and respect we’d treat our families and friends with.
  • We won’t waste your appointment time digging through your chart every time we meet. We come to your online appointment prepared to pick up right where we left off when we last saw you.
  • You can be sure you’ll be offered the best medication option for you because we aren’t limited to prescribing only certain drugs like most online mental health clinics.

As board-certified experts, we’re not only excellent at what we do. We’re passionate about it.


We know there are too many people out there who aren’t seeking out the mental health care they need. 

We’re here to make the process quick and easy so everyone – including you – can find the relief you need and deserve.


What you can expect:

  Medical Expertise 

All of our providers have advanced medical education and certifications. We’re experts in conducting mental health assessments, diagnosing conditions, and prescribing a full range of FDA-approved medications.


Clear, open, and respectful communication is the cornerstone of our outstanding service. Our patients are always heard. We consider every patient concern as valid.


We only treat the conditions that we excel in. We have a proven track record of successfully treating ADHD, anxiety, and depression.


We are committed to providing you with first-class online psychiatric service. Treating ADHD, anxiety, and clinical depression is all we do, and we excel at it.


We’ll see you in as little as 48 hours of your appointment request, and you’ll never be kept waiting for your provider to log into your virtual visit. Our no-show policy keeps the schedule running smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about any delays ruining your day.


We are sensitive to the difficulty of your situation. Every member of our team is dedicated to treating patients with warmth and empathy. 

It’s our pleasure to offer you the help you’ve been looking for and to support you with exceptional customer service. 

We’re excited to start working with you and can’t wait to see you feeling better soon.

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