Child Adolescent

Our child & adolescent psychiatrists in El Paso TX work with struggling children and teenagers under eighteen.

Covering a range of mental health problems, we understand that when we are dealing with a child or an adolescent, we have to work together with more than just that individual. Our priority is to work together with families and include them in the plan, as much as we can, to help them achieve positive results.

We are glad that regularly working with young adults provides us a chance to constantly improve our methods and techniques so that we are able to have a significant difference in the lives of our next generation and their associated families. We try our level best to ensure that the future of our communities is safe and healthy. This is an extraordinarily challenging branch of psychiatry and every child adolescent psychiatrist in our team ensures that we conduct our practice with utmost responsibility and focused approach.

We know from numerous studies that most of the times adult mental health problems may stem back earlier from their childhood years, in most cases much before eighteen years of age. Working with youngsters is an opportunity to detect these illnesses early on and treat them appropriately with long-term success. Early intervention often helps these children and teenagers, so that in their adult lives they are spared of complex mental illnesses and the tough challenges that come along with it. Treatments in early ages and subsequent, management of symptoms, are found to have a greater chance of making life-long difference in their lives.

Medicine and therapy both are used as the medium of treatment. Each child adolescent psychiatrist in El Paso TX on our team carefully decides the best treatment plan after meeting the child and conducting a thorough mental health assessment and evaluation.
Adolescent psychiatry doesn’t deny the impact a healthy family and community can have on a person, especially children. In fact, this branch of psychiatry credits the important role of both family and community. The recommended treatment options never really go for an individualistic approach as we are dealing with minors. But regardless of the legal reasons, it is clinically important to have an emphasis on multi-agency and multi-disciplinary approach.

Anything that has to do something with children should be handled with gentleness and there is little room for making mistakes during the treatment. Each of our child adolescent psychiatrist understands that stakes are always high in this mental health field and this is why we never hesitate to seek out family members and other loved ones for a collaborative approach in trying to achieve the best outcome.

Schools, teachers, social services, hospitals, and local police are contacted at times to seek their guidance and help, if and when needed. Consultation and discussions with other agencies is an important part of our practice. It gives us a broader perspective and we get to share our experience for the better. Adolescent psychiatry demands a good understanding of legal framework as well and we make sure to follow all the legal guidelines, along with all the ethical rules and regulations as recommended by our professional bodies.