Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Upper Valley Behavioral Health offers evidence-based pharmacological treatments to counter the debilitating effects of bipolar disorder. We serve El Paso, Texas and New Mexico.

There are days when you don’t feel good or energized. But some days are very depressing that can directly affect our mood. Do these mood swings last for a week or two? Is it hard for you to sleep at night or stay focused at work?

There are numerous people with these symptoms of bipolar disorder, which is a severe emotional imbalance. But Upper Valley Behavioral Health has taken charge to minimize the number and frequency of episodes associated with bipolar disorder.

Why You Need It

Bipolar disorder, or in other words we can say manic depression, is a treatable mood disorder caused by extreme changes in energy, mood or behavior. It is not a sign of weakness. It happens when a person’s mood swings between the “poles” of highs and lows. These changes in mood swings can last for many hours, days, weeks, or months.

We provide expert treatment plans for bipolar disorder and help you manage your mood swings and other symptoms by following a tailored treatment strategy. In some instances, we can treat bipolar disorder with medications and brief supportive psychotherapy.

When your mood changes to mania or hypomania you may feel euphoric, unusually irritable or full of energy. These mood swings can affect your sleep, behavior, judgment, behavior, energy, and the ability to have a clear perspective; we offer quality bipolar disorder treatment modalities in Texas and New Mexico, and we can help bring them in order.

Different episodes of mood swings may occur rarely or multiple times a year while most people will experience different emotional symptoms between episodes. Upper Valley Behavioral Health assures that you will have a significant reduction symptoms or illness. Our experts will make sure you stay safe and sound with no repercussions.

Treatments Available

We are one from a select few who treat bipolar disorder. Most people can get assistance for mood changes and behavioral problems with the outstanding behavioral health service we have established in a short period. We believe that steady but reliable treatment works better than any treatment that starts and stops. Our effective treatment possibilities include:

  1. Medication. People respond to several types of different treatments in different ways. The result of every medication depends on the patient. However, sometimes we need to utilize different medication to check what works best for the client. You cannot deny the fact that medications have side effects too. We make sure you don’t suffer anymore. Our experts provide a comprehensive evaluation of your case and studies every detail of your situation because we recognize that it is a matter of life and death. We don’t suggest you take any medication without consulting a board-certified mental health expert because it may make bipolar symptoms even worse.
  2. Brief Supportive Psychotherapy. Some people can only be treated by therapy; no matter what kind they belong to. It can help people dealing with bipolar disorder. These kinds of treatments can help them change their attitude and be able to manage their lives. Our experts will help the patients to get along better with their family and friends. Sometimes therapy depends on the family members. So, our expert team of board-certified professionals figures out how they can deal with these kinds of cases.

Bipolar disorder can occur at any stage of your life, typically it is mostly diagnosed in teenagers or early 20s, but Upper Valley Behavioral Health has board-certified experts that provide a proper diagnosis and tailored treatment plan in El Paso, Texas and New Mexico. Symptoms vary from person to person or over time, but we make sure that you have access to our experts through tough times.