Importance Of Mental Health Awareness

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Importance Of Mental Health Awareness

People struggling with mental health are not aliens; they live among us. They can be our friends, neighbors, or someone from a family. It is essential to learn about mental health and teach your kids about it. There is nothing terrible in not knowing only if you are willing to gain the knowledge, but if you are ignorant, then there is nothing worse.

Sadly, only half of the people with mental health problems receive the needed treatment. The stigma and unawareness around this issue hold many people back, and they never openly admit their struggles. Untreated mental problems lead to significant issues that could be easily avoided only if there is no stigma attached to mental health. Leaving such matters, untreated also increases the risk of suicide.

What Is Mental Illness Exactly?

It is a physical illness of the brain. It causes disturbance in the process of thinking, emotions, energy, and behavior. A person dealing with a mental illness finds it challenging to cope with the routine and typical daily life demands.

Researches have been done, and the work is still on-going to determine the various causes of mental illnesses. There are several complicated causes for these problems, including brain chemistry, genetics, brain structure, going through a trauma, or any medical condition like heart disease.

Two common mental health conditions are; anxiety disorders and mood disorders.

What We Can Do to Help

Over the past few decades, the general perception of mental illness has improved. Still, according to studies, the stigma around these illnesses is powerful. The primary reasons behind this stigma are lack of education and media stereotypes. The majority of people tend to stigmatize mental illnesses more negatively than other diseases and disabilities.

This stigma doesn’t only affect the number of people seeking treatment, but it also affects the availability of resources to get the necessary treatment. For someone who is struggling with some kind of mental difficulties, this stigmatization and misinformation can be overwhelming. Destigmatization and spreading correct information should be the goals to make a better society.

Minor Changes That You Can Bring

Respect And Acceptance

When you show acceptance and respect towards the individuals, it removes a massive barrier and makes them confident in coping with the illness. Having people see you as a person and not as your ailment can make all the difference for them.

Advocating Where We Can

We all have a circle of influence, and advocating about mental health within that circle can make a huge difference. It doesn’t matter how big or small the circle of influence is, even if one person listens, you have been successful. Ensure that people experiencing some mental health issues have the same rights and opportunities as any other community member.

Learning More About Mental Health

One should never stop learning. You should always be willing to learn more about mental health and encourage your loved ones to do the same. We need to make people aware of mental health in Albuquerque, NM, and all around the globe.