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ADHD, Anxiety, Depression Treatment Center in El Paso, Texas

El Paso, TX is a major metropolitan area that encompasses El Paso, Las Cruces, and Ciudad Juárez. This predominantly Hispanic city is full of culture and has a rich history. It is also home to a large Army military base called Fort Bliss. The area is known for its abundant sunshine and clean outdoor air. Residents enjoy hiking in the Franklin Mountains. To cool off, Ruidoso, New Mexico and Cloudcroft, New Mexico are roughly two hours away and offer ponderosa Pines and tranquility. Skiing is also available during the winter months. Even though El Paso has a population of nearly 1 million, mental health services are limited. In 2020, El Paso County only had 47 psychiatrists to treat patients. Many patients receive mental health services through their primary care provider due to the shortage of mental health professionals. Fort Bliss has limited mental health services for adult dependents of military servicemembers.

Mental Health Board-Certified Experts

Upper Valley Behavioral Health has board-certified mental health experts that are standing by to help you. Our providers are board-certified by the ANCC to treat most mental health conditions. They pride themselves in doing comprehensive evaluations in order to find the correct diagnosis and provide a custom treatment plan for Adult ADHD, anxiety, and clinical depression.

Adult ADHD, Anxiety, Clinical Depression Treatment Center

Most patients are looking for testing in the areas of Adult ADHD, anxiety, and clinical depression. While there’s no specific test to give conclusive results, our experts will utilize standardized screenings and review your recent symptoms. Our experts typically render an accurate diagnosis during your first evaluation which saves you time and money. Our experts are familiar with brand-name and generic medications that are covered by most insurance companies.

El Paso, Texas Treatment Center

We are located near El Paso, Texas. You can call us at 915-320-6000 to discuss your specific concerns if your questions are not answered on our FAQ. Our clinic also partners with Genoa Healthcare. They offer an on-site pharmacy that is in-network with all of the insurances that we accept. They are dedicated to providing the best experience when filling your prescription medication.


We are currently accepting new patients. Our online appointment request system is available 24/7 for your convenience. Most patients will be offered a FREE 10-minute consultation within 24 business hours directly with a board-certified expert. In the El Paso, TX area, we are currently accepting the following insurances:

We do not accept New Mexico Centennial plans (Medicaid). We are not contracted with any Texas Medicaid plans at this time. We are not accepting self-pay patients at this time.

Upon receipt of your registration, our staff will reach out to your insurance to obtain your estimated copay. At Upper Valley Behavioral Health, we are transparent and would like to provide you with an accurate estimate of how much our services will cost you. We want to help you and not become a financial burden.

Adult ADHD, Anxiety, Clinical Depression Symptoms

Symptoms of Adult ADHD can vary from person to person. Every individual describes their symptoms in a different light. Some people find themselves interrupting others. Many people are unable to sit and enjoy a movie. Many patients report that they start tons of projects but never finish one since they become overwhelmed. Adult students might have difficulty organizing their projects especially if the material is taught online. Adults with ADHD often have sleep issues due to active minds at night.

Anxiety is one of the most common conditions throughout the globe. Many patients experience somatic and psychological symptoms that disrupt their daily lives. Some people report stomach issues which can lead to pain, discomfort, constipation, or diarrhea. Some patients report that they are unable to drive on congested roads. Many patients complain that their heart rate increases, their palms sweat, or they develop anxiety lumps in their throat (globus hystericus).

Clinical depression is another common condition that’s treatable. Many people experience the ups and downs of life. However, depression may be subtle and cause many issues. Patients battling depression may sleep too much or too little. They lose interest in their hobbies such as swimming, hiking, socializing, exercise, or traveling. Guilt is a common feature of depression that plays over and over in the mind. Patients experiencing depression may experience severe weight gain or loss.

How to Get Started

If you need help with Adult ADHD, anxiety, or clinical depression in El Paso, Texas or the surrounding areas, please call us at 915-320-6000 or fill out our online registration form which is available 24/7.

Many of our patients are satisfied with the results they receive at Upper Valley Behavioral Health. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle – there is hope and we are here to help every step of the way.

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