Tricare Psychiatrist

At Upper Valley Behavioral Health, we understand how societal stereotypes act as a hindrance in the way of people making healthy choices. Our team consistently tries, with all our might, to offer people support where we can. We believe mental health should be the most important thing in our individual lives and anything affecting mental health should never be ignored or brushed under the carpet. The available Tricare psychiatrist in El Paso TX can help you address different challenges that people might be facing mentally.

Ironically, even after all the research and scientific studies, people are still afraid to come out and talk about their mental health problems. Our goal is to try to make this world a better place for people who are suffering mentally by talking about these issues openly and tackling these issues head-on. Our goal is to de-stigmatize mental illnesses and normalize these relevant discussions.

There is nothing wrong in getting treated for any mental illness, it is just like getting treated for any physical illnesses. If you have a slightest feeling that something is messing up with your mind, you should not wait till the situation worsens. Get an appointment scheduled for our Tricare Behavioral Health in El Paso TX right away if you think you need some help and support.

We assure you that we protect all patient data and information (including their past history and future assessments) and they are kept confidential as per the law. Integrity and confidentiality form important constituents of our core values and this is embedded in our mental health professionals who are well-trained with great professional experience in their field. There are two types of treatments; prescriptions, and psychotherapy. Depending on what is best suited for the patient, our therapists can use either approach or a combination of both for treatment.

Our vision is to see a world where mental illnesses are not such a taboo issue and people can address these through proper treatment and live a happy life. Our efforts are directed towards making every client from our communities achieve the highest level of effective functioning that is not hindered by any mental challenges. However, for you or for your loved ones to get better, consultation is the first step. Tricare behavioral health in El Paso TX will make sure you feel safe during your therapy or counselling, with no trust issues during the treatment process.

We are here to provide a safe environment where anyone can speak their heart out. We adopt very individualistic approach and take great measures to ensure our clients are relaxed and comfortable because it is essential to have a good rapport.

Only when you are able to connect with your therapist, then only you can be comfortable enough to share exactly how you are feeling. Compassion goes a long way and every tricare psychiatrist in El Paso TX is compassionate and understanding.